Car Buying Myths

Car-Buying Myths at Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook

If you want to get a new luxury car , we invite you to visit our location to see the latest Alfa Romeo models in our inventory. When you arrive, you’ll be blown away by the great-looking, premium automobiles in our showroom. Boasting unmistakable style, sought-after features, and upscale materials, there’s plenty to love about new Alfa Romeo cars.

We don’t just sell new luxury automobiles, we also have pre-owned vehicles for sale at our Alfa Romeo dealership. Whether you want to get a new or previously owned Alfa Romeo car, it’s imperative for you to be able to separate the truth from some common car-buying myths.

Car-buying Myths

Our Alfa Romeo dealership serving Indianapolis, IN can tell you that car-buying myths really suck the fun out of something that should be enjoyable. Some motorists believe they should arrive at our luxury car dealership right before closing to get the best deal. The logic behind this myth is that we’ll be so eager to close and go home that we’ll accept a low-ball offer on a vehicle. This is false. We’re always happy to see a customer walk through the door, no matter what time it is, and we’ll help you get a deal on the most affordable terms currently available. Other drivers will tell you that the best deals are available when the weather’s bad. That’s simply not the case. Deals will not magically spring forth just because of a little inclement weather, but wouldn’t that be something?

Before You Buy

Even after you dispel all the common car-buying myths, you still have a lot to think about before you make a decision. For starters, you have to choose between buying and leasing, which is something the experts in our Fort Wayne, IN new car finance center can help you with. Drivers also need to think about the features they want and the features they need. Passenger and cargo capacity are additional considerations.

For a myth-free car-buying experience, visit Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook to get a new or pre-owned vehicle today.