What Are OEM Parts in Fort Wayne, IN?

When you’re looking for Alfa Romeo car parts in the Indianapolis, IN area, we have you covered at Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook. Our service team only uses OEM products to ensure you stay on the road and out of the shop. But what are OEM parts, exactly, and why are they better than aftermarket alternatives?

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OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” That means the parts are made for your specific vehicle and are exact replicas of the pieces that it originally came with. Thus, OEM parts are designed to perfectly fit in your car and perform with surrounding components. You also don’t have to wonder about quality or reliability, as these parts come straight from the manufacturer.


OEM parts also come with warranties, while aftermarket parts do not. Although aftermarket parts may be less expensive, it’s hard to be sure how dependable they are, or if they’re the right fit for your specific Alfa Romeo car or SUV. Their place of engineering is virtually unknown, providing a shadow of doubt when it comes to reliability and quality.


Alfa Romeo Service

Our Alfa Romeo parts department is ready to install the OEM part(s) you need in your Alfa Romeo 4C or Alfa Romeo Giulia. Be sure to visit or contact our auto dealership in Fort Wayne, IN today to learn more about what we have to offer and the process of parts ordering and installing. The knowledgeable mechanics in our Alfa Romeo service center provide fast, first-rate service to ensure your issue is addressed and your car is safe and functional. We focus exclusively on Alfa Romeo models, allowing us to be experts when it comes to service, repair, and parts replacement.


Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook

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